A Letter from President Director

CMC is considering the continuous development of CMC and its large member of divisions and their commitment to provide better services for the customer and partners, the organizational realignment of CMC has been imperative. This has been the reason when in 1991, CMC become a holding company subordinating six (6) members of companies. We reasonably believe that our group members with their respective specialized field and know-how will enable us to undertake all aspect of our clients need in a more satisfying manner.

CMC has been actively and consistently seeking development opportunities as well as creative relationships with potential partners in order to effectively combine our talents and resources to expand present available opportunities in the related industry.  We are also pursuing prospective projects involving the personnel competency and its subsidiaries to meet basic customers need.

CMC will always seek to create the maximum growth in partners and customers value by maintaining a balanced portfolio of our products and assets.

We take pride in our past performance. However, we are devoted to ongoing and future projects with a great deal of enthusiasm, to offer the best of our experience and knowledge to our partners, customers and to the professionals that work in our company.



Ir. Rito Prasetyo