PT.CENTRAL MITRAUSAHA CERLANG (CMC) which is formerly known as PT. Capitol-Mutual Corporation which established in 1973 is committed to satisfy the expectations of our customers and partners based on the highest ethical standards, integrity, and professionalism.  CMC uses a unique integrated team of professionals who closely work together in order to understand projects objectives, and deliver what is expected of us – economically, socially and environmentally.

CMC always works in partnership with industry, government and society to promote and influence responsible business practices consistent with the economic development of the nations and overall respect for the environment.

PT.CMC was founded in December 10, 1973 and become one of the leading groups of trading companies with a widely known pivotal role in supplying, installing and commissioning of equipments and materials related to most of Indonesian basic needs.

Trading has been the CMC’s chief function and involves all the related fields, ranging from import, domestic sales and distribution, export and transfer of technology. CMC has steadily grown and currently position itself as one of the major suppliers with various lines of essential equipment and materials which are required to support the development in many sectors fundamentally related to the basic needs in the country ranging from water supply system, energy system, education system, property, building contractor and environment technology.

Severe competition has enriched CMC with extensive experiences and enables it to diversify its services into a wide range of fields with their respective decentralized main business lines.

Recently, CMC’s management has exercised a consistent strategy of combining the expansion of the above field with the highest growth potential and a tight coordination of activities of the affiliates under its large-scaled umbrella. This strategy has, once again, been consistently pursued on the group-wide basis to secure the achievement of the CMC’s primary objective: to become one of the leading corporation in Indonesia capable of offering positive contribution to national development, public, shareholders, customers, subcontractors, suppliers and the employees.


CMC is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices.  Our Standards of Business Conduct contain the following 10 foundation policies, guiding principles and related procedures

Ethics Policy

Integrity & Professionalism Policy

Conflicts of Interest Policy

International Operations Policy

Antitrust Policy

Health Policy

Environment Policy

Safety Policy

Customer Relations & Product Quality Policy

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy